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Luxury Handmade Genuine Leather Magsafe Case iPhone Cover

$ 48,45

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Luxury Handmade Genuine Leather Magsafe Case iPhone

Features: Anti-Fingerprint – Matte – Anti-Glare – Magsafe

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Luxury Handmade Genuine Leather

Compatible: iPhone With Magsafe

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the color, because there are too many factors affecting the color, Due to the limitation of hand-made old, different batches may have different colors, some colors will be darker, and some colors will be lighter. If you are very concerned about the color, please do not buy it!
Luxury Handmade Genuine Leather Case iPhone Cover 5


It has magnetic charging technology, but the adhesion rate is not excellent because the product is natural leather
Luxury Handmade Genuine Leather Magsafe Case iPhone Cover Disc 2

What is oil wax leather?

Oil wax leather is high-end leather that is extremely expensive due to the specificity of the manufacturing process!Oil wax leather is with the first-class, natural cowhide (poor quality leather, can not do oil wax skin), after dyeing, oiling, and waxing after the formation of soft, good elasticity, the tension of the special leather effect of a kind of leather; is a kind of fashion products with antique art effect, is also the world's major furniture brands of choice material.There are many kinds of oil wax skin, such as ordinary wax oil wax skin, white mist wax oil wax skin, cationic wax oil wax skin, etc. At present, we use ordinary wax oil wax skin, this kind of oil wax skin has an oil-shiny surface effect, as if rubbing a layer of oil wax onto the skin surface.

Product Features

1. Handmade
2. Unique camera frame design
3. Unique open-button design
4. Unique hemming design
5. Natural oil wax cowhide (the color will darken with time)
6. It can be matched with an AirPods Pro case (need to be purchased separately)
7. Protect the screen and camera
8. Support wireless charging Product
material Must read before buying This mobile phone case uses the first layer of cowhide.
The first layer of cowhide is the most expensive of all cowhide. All costs are very high. Because it is handmade with the first layer of cowhide, it cannot be 100% perfect. If you pursue 100% perfection, please consider it carefully. Cows will encounter problems such as insect bites and bumps during their growth, and some scars will be left. This is a problem encountered only with real leather. The artificial leather does not, so some of our products will have different patterns or small scars, if you mind, we do not recommend buying it. If there is no such problem, it is either fake leather or it is very expensive.
Luxury Handmade Genuine Leather Magsafe Case iPhone Cover Disc

Maintenance of genuine leather goods

1. Keep away from greasy dirt, acid, and other chemicals.

2. Clean leather goods lightly, with a thin cloth when there is water on it.

3. Regular use can keep it last longer while low use will make it brittle.

4. Avoid leaving the leather goods under the blazing sun for a long time.


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